Rent out house

Do you want to rent out your house?

Brick Vastgoed B.V. is a housing agency in the Netherlands and boasts broad experience within the rental property market in the region of Eindhoven. These kind of properties varies from rooms up to Vila's.

Brick Vastgoed B.V. has a lot of experience in successfully mediate between home-owners, tenants, expats and companies. We have direct contacts with Human Resource departments of companies in the region of Eindhoven, like ASML, Philips and the NATO. This means that your accommodation will be added to the database of hundreds of companies and tenants who are looking for an accommodation.
Do you want to let your property or do you want more information, please contact us (040-2116149 or via

1. Intake of your property
The intake can be done personally at your property, but if you are familiar with letting, it's also possible to offer your property by phone or email. With the personal intake, one of our employees will come by to take pictures and the measurements of your accommodation. Important questions regarding renting and letting can be answered at the same time. 
2. Finding your tenant
The details of your property will be shown at Using "for rent" posters and signs on the windows, will draw extra attention to your property. Besides that we use intensive internet (Google) marketing and will advertise with your accommodation on various other websites on the internet to attract potential tenants.

We will also use our database with potential tenants who are looking for a property. In our database we have hundreds of potential tenants who are looking for an accommodation immediately or in the short term. If any newly added accommodation meets his/her requirements, he/she will be notified automatically. 

3. Viewings
When a potential tenant is interested in your property and if our income check will make sure they are able to pay the rent, we will contact you to plan and lead a viewing. We therefore need a key to your property and will ask you for it. You can always accompany the viewing. Of course we will keep you updated about the results.
4. Screening of cadidate tenants
We screen our candidates by checking their income and identity data that they have to provide us. We will propose candidate tenants to you based on their provided income and identity data. You as the owner will of course have the final vote in whether you accept the candidate or not.
5. Tenancy agreement
Brick Vastgoed B.V. will formulate a tenancy agreement based on the model Raad Onroerende Zaken (ROZ). This agreement will be discussed with both parties. When agreed, the tenant will sign the agreement first and the letter second.

6. Payments and release of the tenancy agreement
If everything is agreed and the contracts are signed, we will collect the first month rent and the deposit. Within 5 business days of receipt we will transfer the funds to your account.
7. Inspections and key transfer
When both parties met their obligations we will transfer the key and perform a start inspection of your property (No money means no keys!). When the agreement is terminated we will also perform an end inspection and end cleaning. Any defects will and the cleaning costs be withheld from the deposit.